Type: Crater
Geological period: Nectarian (From -3.92 billions years to -3.85 billions years)

Dimension: 100x100Km / 59x59Mi
Height: ?
Height/Wide ratio: Unknown height. Impossible calculation.

Circular formation situated on the South bank of Mare Nubium. Tormented slopes supporting Pitatus G to the East the trio  Weiss Z / Wurzelbauer N / Wurzelbauer W to the South and the half ghost crater Pitatus S to the North. Few high walls of riddled with anonymous craterlets. Flat floor filled with lava supporting Rimae Pitatus.Off-centered double mountain. Hills and craterlets. White spots. Communicating with the floor of Hesiodus by a valley in the wall.

Interest : Exceptional formation
Observation period: 1 day after First Quarter or Last Quarter
Minimal Instrument: 50 mm refractor

Longitude: 13.5° West
Latitude: 29.8° South
Quadrant: South-West
Area: Mare Humorum region