Type: Crater
Geological period: Eratosthenian (From -3.2 billions years to -1.1 billions years)

Dimension: 63x63Km / 37x37Mi
Height: 3510m / 10600ft
Height/Wide ratio: 0.0575

Isolated circular formation situated on the West bank of Mare Nubium. Very steep and tormented slopes supporting the craterlets Bullialdus L to the West Bullialdus E to the South-West and crater Bullialdus A and B to the South. Very high walls in terraces with sweeter slopes to the South-West.Few extensive and flat floor with ruins to the South-West. Important central mountain with several summits. Rays.

Interest: Exceptional formation
Observation period: 2 days after First Quarter or 1 day after Last Quarter
Minimal Instrument: 50 mm refractor

Longitude: 22.2° West
Latitude: 20.7° South
Quadrant: South-West
Area: West part of Mare Nubium